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Interior Doors

All our interior doors are manufactured by LPD . We use LPD as the quality of their doors has never let us down and replacing faulty doors is costly and time consuming and ultimately unbeneficial to our company but more importantly let’s our customer’s down.

Many oak doors are pre lacquered at point of manufacturer giving a hard clear coat that is glass like to the touch. You will see subsections of light grey, chocolate grey etc which are oak doors with a coloured stain . These alternative shades are proving very popular and when in situ are a stunning addition to the interior of any house.

SE Countrywide Doors also spray paints interior doors from the preprimed or unlacquered subsections . Interior doors we spray are generally white but we can also spray using paints from RAL charts.

If you would like an overall costing for the doors you require and the spray finish please call 0208 654 0066 .




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