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Vancouver Glazed Walnut Fire Door

Vancouver Glazed 4L Wa FD30


Engineered Walnut Interior Fire Door

Raised Mouldings Both Sides

Clear Safety Glass


44mm thick

Also available as 35mm (please return to menu)

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Our door fitters are employed by SE Countrywide Doors Ltd .

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Available in Bucks, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey, East and West Sussex.

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Product Description

Vancouver Walnut Doors Surrey

Our Vancouver doors are manufactured by LPD and come in a range of sizes . They are available as standard 35mm and fire doors . With the exception of the white preprimed doors all the Vancouver range are sold prefinished . They are available as solid or glazed ,Oak , Walnut , Ash Grey  ,Chocolate Grey  , Light Grey  or preprimed .

The fire doors are 44mm thick and are solid throughout . The 35mm doors are also solid throughout . The core for each door is similar to chipboard and the slab is then veneered each side with real oak . The chipboard slab gives stability and barely expands or contracts so removing age old problems of doors sticking as temperatures and humidity changes.

In the case of prefinished doors the veneered door is spray coated with a lacquer which hardens off giving a robust surface . The lacquer is not impervious to knocks and scrapes but under normal usage it does give resistance to brushes and will remain look perfect for many years hence .

Vancouver Walnut Doors Surrey


Additional Information

Door Size

78″ x 27″ (1981 x 686mm) x 44mm FD30, 78″ x 30″ (1981 x 762mm) x 44mm FD30, 78″ x 33″ (1981 x 838mm) x 44mm FD30